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Hairball 1176 – ResistanceAudio

    Expected Lead Time: 14-21 days The famous and highly regarded Hairball 1176 needs no introduction... basically if you want an accurate reproduction of the 1176, this is the way to go. It looks the part, and more importantly, sounds the part! Choose from Rev A, Rev D, or Rev F. The 'Orange Drop' capacitor mod is also a

Hairball Audio

    Have no fear; we'll help you get it fixed. Read More. Connecting an External Microphone Preamplifier to Your Interface. Learn how to use and connect your Hairball Audio microphone preamplifier to your interface. Read More. Parallel Compression 101. Learn how to route and add parallel compression to your mixes. Read More.

Walkthrough of building a Hairball Audio 1176 - Bad Racket

    Once our Hairball Audio 1176 kit arrived, we also had to order all the components for our kit. Fortunately, Hairball Audio is nice enough to have a link to an entire bill of materials. Unfortunately depending when you order (like us), not all of the parts we needed may be in stock, or even manufactured anymore.

hairball 1176 compressor frontplate . Hairball audio kit ...

    1176 compressor frontplate . Hairball audio kit Anodized aluminum Shipping Via Fedex

Hairball 1176 - Gearspace.com

    I'd like to point out that, apprently the Hairball Rev G partial kit, plus the Mouser parts order, comes out to $354.45 dollars plus shipping. Unless I missed something. But that is in an incredible deal! No DIY studio has any excuse not to have an 1176 or two in the rack with these Hairballs, or any project studio with the Warm Audio.

Building Hairball Audio 1176F DIY Build Kit Difficulty ...

    Hairball do the Lola pre’s and I love the CAPI VP28 preamps too. I will say though that the Hairball 1176 kits sound incredible. I’ve A/B’d it against a UA 1176AE and it was very close, A/B’d against the Warm Audio and it’s a world apart.

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