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Troubleshoot Sound Issues - DIRECTV Customer Support

    All channels are experiencing sound issues. The cause of the sound issues may be the remote control or audio/visual cables. Check the remote control. Press volume up on the remote control. If the volume doesn't respond, you may need to program the remote control. Learn how to program your remote control. Check the audio/video cables.

Distorted sound. | DIRECTV Community Forums

    The sound has become distorted, not all the time, no particular station. It sounds funny, but it's like "alien" voices! Does anyone have a clue what is going on? I …

Roku sound distortion (static or low audio) issues with ...

    Some Roku users reporting sound distortion (static or low audio) issues with DirecTV streaming service Trainee Writer Sep 28, 2021 Apps , AT&T , Bugs and Issues , News , Roku , Standalone Roku is among the most popular digital media platforms in the US that offers access to a variety of content from different online services.

Audio Distortion with Directv programming | AVS Forum

    Originally Posted by Patrick Murphy /t/1421005/audio-distortion-with-directv-programming#post_22603536 Just found this thread while searching why my sound was so trebley and breaking up/distorted particularly on voices, this w/e. Reran Audyssey as I thought it was the Onkyo 818 receiver but it was the same as before.

Sound issues Directv app with Roku - Roku Community

    Hi, Been having an issue specifically with the Directv app (used to be ATT Tv). While watching (doesn’t matter what channel) the sound goes from perfect to distorted (either really low or totally static). We have reset the Roku, checked the cables but it keeps happening. Originally started just in...

Sound cutting out - DirecTV | DTV USA Forum

    Sound keeps cutting in and out randomly on all channels. Been problem since installed in 12/16. Tech has been here replaced genie etc same problem said must be tv problem. Read something about software. Is this available? Using with Samsung 4k This question, "Sound cutting out," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

Picture or sound issues Help | DIRECTV Customer Service ...

    Picture or sound issues. Interference with DIRECTV satellite reception. Learn what to do if you have pixilation, frozen picture or temporary interference with your DIRECTV reception. Troubleshoot sound issues. Learn how to fix issues like distorted or no sound, or picture not in sync with audio. Game blacked out on a DIRECTV channel.

Garbled sound | DBSTalk Forum

    Hello all, I recently setup DoD. I am able to download and watch the shows, but they all have garbled sound. I tried resetting my HR20-100 receiver many times and it still has the problem. Can someone help?

I get distorted sound or no sound at all. What should I do?

    Step 1 – Press INFO on your remote control to bring up the Info bar on the top of your TV screen. Step 2 – Use the RIGHT ARROW button to highlight Audio/Video. Step 3 – Select English DD. Solution 2. If the problem occurs on more than one channel, Press the VOLUME UP button on your remote control. If the volume doesn’t increase when you ...

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