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        - Compress Project. This will compress the audio files in your project, degrading the audio quality irreversibly, but still maintaining the GB project format, so you can't email this version either. If your project contains no audio files, but only software instruments, the option is greyed out, since there is nothing to compress.

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          GarageBand exports exactly one file format — the Audio Interchange File Format (with extensions of aif, aiff, AIF, or AIFF). Fortunately, AIF files are the gold standard of audio files, the highest-of-high-quality uncompressed audio that you can save on a disc.

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            Garageband 10 – Bus Channel Workaround. Yamaha commercial audio systems. If you’ve ever worked on a large, multi track project in Garageband, you’ll be acutely aware of one of the program’s few limitations. There’s no option to group similar tracks together and apply compression or other effects to them all simultaneously.

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