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    Danish audio company Gamut (it writes it GamuT), not content with offering eight models of loudspeaker, of which the Phi7 is top of the four-model Phi range, also manufactures a CD player, preamplifier, two integrated amps and four power amps plus interconnect and speaker cables. So it can supply you with an entire hi-fi system, wires included.

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    GamuT Audio Phi 7 Floorstanding Speakers user reviews : 5 ...

      GamuT Audio Phi 7 Floorstanding Speakers DESCRIPTION The Phi 7 is our highest performance speaker in the PHi series. Using all the knowledge gained during the development of the GamuT L-series, the Phi7 will amaze you with its dynamic contrast and resolution, its unparalleled 3D imaging, impact and bass extension.

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      The GamuT have deep conceptual roots in mythology, which is evoked by the acronym Phi 7. It refers to the golden ratio 1:1,618, which was implemented in architecture and art reaching the highest expressions in the Egyptian Pyramids and in the Stradivari violins.

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        Gamut - High-end Speakers, Amplifiers, Cables and Hifi Listening Chair. Menu. The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Awards Gamut Rs3i and Zodiac Loudspeakers Zodiac The sky’s no longer the limit “A stunning piece of furniture that will. enhance any …

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