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    Galvanic isolation – PS Audio Galvanic isolation August 11, 2020 by Paul McGowan As we talk more of the virtues of galvanic isolation in digital audio, perhaps it’s of value to take a moment out of our busy day to understand just what that means. The term galvanic refers to a galvanic cell, named after its inventor, Luigi Galvani.

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    It supports Hi-Res audio beyond 32 bit / 768 kHz and DSD512. Galvanic isolation of the USB is compliant with 2.0 and 3.0 ports at all speeds ISOLATOR FROM THE OUTSIDE IN - A solid military grade aluminum enclosure shields from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). This ensures the ultimate defense against noise

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    Galvanic Isolation Noise free performance In an audio or video system, the ground should be the single lowest point in the circuit as provided by the AC power. Ground loops occur when a second, competing grounds with an electrical difference is added.

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    Loesch again: “Galvanic isolation is a highly desirable feature for USB audio. It is a design technique that separates electrical circuits in order to eliminate stray currents. Signals can pass between galvanically isolated circuits, but stray currents, such as differences in ground potential or currents induced by AC power or RF noise are blocked.

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    Galvanic isolation often gets used to break “ground loops” that create hum in, say, coaxial cable TV cables; however, it reduces noise of …

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    Galvanic Isolation If you isolate the DAC from the computer noise from the computer can’t enter the DAC. USB power can be pretty dirty. Exasound measured the noise level with and without galvanic isolation of the USB. FFT spectrum (1024K points averaged 8 times) showing the noise floor measured on the e12 DAC RCA line outputs.

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