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Intro to the Compressor effect in Final Cut Pro - Apple ...

    Intro to the Compressor effect in Final Cut Pro. The Compressor effect is designed to emulate the sound and response of a professional-level analog (hardware) compressor. It tightens up your audio by reducing sounds that exceed a certain threshold level, smoothing out the dynamics and increasing the overall volume—the perceived loudness.

Audio Not Working : finalcutpro

    Check the info pane and verify the project is 59.94 FPS. Go into compressor, create an output setting for 1080p output in HLG (i have tried this with automatic frame rate or the frame rate that I know the video is in. The file export box is always in the wrong framerate, even though I check the project matches the file frame rate, and that the ...

Compressor file comes out with no sound??

    You can get excellent control over compression right in DVD Studio Pro and to start, just import the video export (as a native FCP movie, as Derek suggested). Automatically you'll get a video track and a separate audio track in your Assets pane, you can see them, they're automatically linked, and they'll preview together.

About incompatible media in Final Cut Pro - Apple Support

    In Final Cut Pro, choose File > Check Media for Compatibility. In the window listing incompatible media files, click Convert. Learn more about how Final Cut Pro detects and converts incompatible media files. To convert incompatible media files detected in Motion and Compressor in macOS Mojave, use QuickTime Player to convert single files, or ...

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