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Audio waveform not showing - Avid Media Composer ...


missing audio waveforms in FCP timeline - Apple Community

    They also do not appear when I double click to see them in the viewer. I definitely have an audio wave because this problem is random. It is there sometimes and disappears other times. Zooming in and zooming out does not seem to make a difference. the disappearances are completely random. "SHOW AUDIO WAVEFORMS IS CHECKED" in the timeline.

Audio waveforms in Final Cut Pro - Apple Support

    Audio waveforms in Final Cut Pro. Audio waveforms are visual representations of the actual sound. Audio waveforms appear in clips in the following ways: As the bottom portion of a video clip. As a detached or audio-only clip. An audio waveform’s amplitude and length change according to the underlying sound’s volume and duration.

FCP Viewer not showing audio waveforms at DVinfo.net

    Recently, the Viewer window in FCP is having problems showing the waveforms for audio clips. Usually no waveform at all appears. If I zoom in to one frame, it will show up, but I can't get it to zoom back out. It becomes stuck. I also get a split screen occasionally where the top half is video and the bottom half is audio, but with no waveform. Audio waveforms do …

Solved: Audio waveform not showing visually - Adobe ...

    First, go to Edit > Preferences > Audio and make sure that the setting "Automatic audio waveform generation" is ticked. If this is un-ticked no waveforms are generated when importing files. This will not affect already imported clips, …

Solved: WAVEFORMS NOT SHOWING! help - Adobe Support ...

    Make sure this checkbox is checked: "Premiere Pro > Preferences > Audio > Automatic audio waveform generation" In the Premiere timeline, on the clip in question, right-click > Reveal In Finder In Finder, move the audio clip up in the Finder folder hierarchy

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