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How to Edit Audio in Final Cut Pro: Learn All the ...

    Audio effects open up an entire world of possibilities for your audio tracks in Final Cut Pro. One cool trick you might want to try is layering them on top of each other by adding multiple audio effects to the same clip. You can also rearrange their order in the Audio Inspector to achieve different effects. Using 3rd Party Plugins

Separating Stereo Audio Tracks in FCP For Import into ...

    In Final cut pro, everything is as expected, with Track 1 on a1 and Track 2 on a2. I want to mix the audio from both tracks, but apply some noise reduction to the boom mic (air conditioning) and some equalization to the radio mic. When I send this sequence to Sound Track Pro, STP Track 1 and STP Track 2 appear as identical stereo tracks with my ...

FCP X: Export Split Audio Tracks | Larry Jordan

    When you click OK, FCP X coalesces all the clips into a single compound clip. This clip is located above the Primary Storyline if you included video; below the Primary Storyline if you only included audio clips. Select the Compound Clip in the Timeline. Open the Inspector, click the Audio text button and scroll down to Channel Configuration.

Managing audio layers in Final Cut Pro X - FCP

    In FCPX, video and audio tracks are long GONE, but not forever. As much as I am liking loving FCPX now, I still want a ‘visually appealing’ timeline, like FCP7, for sentimental value! You can still manage your audio layers ‘visually’, with what I shall call this “Z Virtual TraX” system.

FCP + Audio tracks???? - The Traders' Den

    FCP + Audio tracks???? Technobabble. yes, i meant 48, and im running FCP 4.5, OSX on a dual 2.5 G5. i think i found a fix for it, no idea why its happening though.... i found that if i create two new audio tracks and move whats on the bad ones to the new ones, they work and i can delete the bad ones.... but still no idea why its doing this.

Full Tracks - FCP Audio

    Full tracks coming soon… As hard working audio producers and videographers we’ve felt your pain! Spending hours trying to find the right audio for your video can be a pain in the arse. Painstakingly editing until the peaks and troughs of music match the pace of your video, whilst every man and his dog are […]

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