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Cabinet Fan Systems - AC Infinity

    The AIRPLATE system is designed to quietly cool AV electronics enclosed in entertainment centers, home theaters, and audio video cabinets. T-Series models feature a digital LCD controller with automated thermostat and fan speed control. Additional S-Series fans can be daisy chained. Each fan system utilizes dual-ball bearing fans with a PWM motor.

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    Equipment Cooling - ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS - Component …

      Component Fan Systems The AIRCOM cooling system prevents overheating, optimizes performances, and extends the lifespan of receivers, amplifiers, and other AV components. Each dual-ball bearing fan is rated at 67,000 hours and contains a PWM controlled motor used to minimize noise and power consumption.

    Rack Fans & Equipment Cooling | Markertek


      Keep Your Audio PC Cool Using Quiet Fans


        Cool Components: Cooling & Ventilation Products For Audio ...

          Cool Components was started after years of working with, selling, installing, supporting custom high end audio video systems. These were systems ranging from a few thousand dollars to more often systems over $100,000 where cooling was a necessity in a …

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          Electronic Equipment Cooling Fans | McMaster-Carr


            Distributors of Hi-Fi and other audio equipment in ...

              Asadang Audio Centre Distributes Balanced Audio Technology amongst others. Asadang Audio Center, 44 Asadang Road, Behind Defense Ministry, Bangkok, Thailand 10200. Phone : +66 2 224 1669. Fax : 66 2 224 1682. Audio Excellence Distributes Aesthetix, CEC, Conrad-Johnson, Dynavector, Krell, McCormack, SOTA and Spectral Audio.

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