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Failed to open audio device (/dev/dsp): No such device

    Hello! When I try to play any sound through a program like xmms, I receive the following message: ** WARNING **: oss_open (): Failed to open audio device (/dev/dsp): No such device. I BELIEVE (but not sure) it is happening since I installed Dropline Gnome (I tried to install FreeRock Gnome first, but not even my firefox was working anymore ...

pocketsphinx_continuous failed to open audio device

    _oss.c(103): Failed to open audio device(/dev/dsp): No such file or directory FATAL_ERROR: "continuous.c", line 242: Failed top open audio device ... Failed top open audio device. How to solve this problem? ubuntu-12.04 cmusphinx. Share. Follow edited Jun 17 '13 at 4:24. Nikolay Shmyrev. 24.3k 5 5 gold badges 39 39 silver badges 85 85 bronze ...

CMU Sphinx / Forums / Help: failed to open audio device

    getting the following error: ad_oss.c (103): Failed to open audio device (/dev/dsp): No such file or directory. FATAL_ERROR: "continuous.c", line 246: Failed to open audio device. oss_compat is installed. sudo apt-get install oss-compat.

Cepstral Community • View topic - oss_audio: failed to ...

    I get: oss_audio: failed to open audio device /dev/dsp googling has only reinforced that others have had this or similar problems on other distros but no solutions were noted. is "swift" hard coded to "/dev/dsp"? This device does not exist on FC14 but seems to have been replaced with /dev/snd/*files. any help will be appreciated.

ALSA: No /dev/dsp and /dev/sound/ [SOLVED] / Multimedia ...

    snd_pcm_oss provides the /dev/dsp and /dev/sound/dsp stuff. Blacklisting those modules does indeed remove the devices. alsa-oss is simply a program that hooks calls to e.g. /dev/dsp and emulates the OSS api using alsa. In that case you do not need /dev/dsp, etc.

DSDplus and audio input failure - please help ...

    In my windows sound properties, I've changed VB-Audio to be the standard device under playback. In Recording I've done the same, but in the properties for the VB-Audio, I've checked "Listen to this device" and I've chosen my speakers (High Definition Audio) under "playback through this device" because if I select VB-Audio, I get no sound.

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