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What does failed to initialize directx audio mean


"Failed to initialize DirectX Audio" error message. :: RPG ...

    I reinstalled directx, enabled legacy directx, reinstalled my graphics card and driver package, etc. Still didn't work. Then I saw plug in headphones. I didn't have headphones but I did have a mic. So I plugged the mic into the headphone jack. It worked. Turns out all they wanted was to detect something.

Fail to initialize DirectX - Easy Fix - Driver Easy

    In this small guide, we will be showing you two easy but helpful solutions to fix the Fail to initialize DirectX error. Follow the guide step by step to save your game. Update the DirectX on your Windows; Do a fresh install of your video card and sound card drivers; Solution 1: Update the DirectX on your Windows If there’s something wrong with the DirectX software, it …

[FIXED] ‘DirectX Failed to Initialize. Please Install the ...

    It is a core part of Windows and is used to render graphics in games and other programs that output audio and video. The “ DirectX failed to initialize” error means that the software you’re trying to launch cannot access the DirectX libraries and therefore cannot render any …

DirectX Audio - Microsoft Community

    Open the folder and run the DXSETUP.exe to finalise the reinstall of DX.) - If you have no audio try reinstalling your audio drivers. If using a laptop or OEM machine (DELL, etc) download the driver from. the mfg of the machine. If using a 'custom' built machine download the drivers from the mfg of the motherboard.

ERROR: Failed to initialize DirectX Audio. - RPG Maker XP ...

    Dec 27, 05 at 10:20pm (PST) ^. re: ERROR: Failed to initialize DirectX Audio. Its possibly a sound card issue. Run DX diagnostics and perform some audio tests. Start Menu/Run.../ type 'dxdiag' and ...

Error Message "Error Initializing Direct Sound" Occurs ...

    This behavior can occur if your sound card or the sound card device driver that is currently installed on your computer does not fully support DirectX hardware acceleration. Resolution. To resolve this behavior, reduce the sound card hardware acceleration setting: Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel. Double-click Multimedia.

[RMVXA] DirectX Audio failed to initialize | RPG Maker Forums

    Aug 6, 2014. #15. Well, the thing is, there isn't built-in support for mp3 in RPG Maker: convert all your audio to .ogg, and the engine take cares of decoding. But if you use other file formats (like .mp3), Windows will be responsible for playing it off using whatever available codec, and that can cause tons of problems. So use .ogg audio files.

Fix for those who get the error "Failed to initialize ...

    select HKEY_Local_machine, and then select software then find Microsoft after opening that scroll down and find direct X. you should see file. installed version and version either one should show a 9 at the start number. that means you have a registry error. delete only these two files. step 2.

Forums | Aveyond Studios

    Forums. Aveyond Studios had a bustling forum with hundreds of thousands of posts, but time has marched on and the forums became a barren place and our community has re-grouped in other social places on the web.

Unable to initialize DirectX Error: failed to initialize ...

    Unable to initialize DirectX Error: failed to initialize DirectX Original title : Unable to initialize DirectX My warcraft 3 copy can't run since a few months ago and its …

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