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FaceTime echo - Apple Community


How to Fix Echo on Facetime on Your iPhone

    FaceTime. An application that allowed you to swap from an audio-only call to a video call. And even though many similar services have since been released, FaceTime remains the most popular option ...

FaceTime Echoing Issues - Apple Community

    The only time Facetime seems to work without an echo is when a cousin is running a Windows machine. I have talked to Apple, and a senior advisor says there is a bug. Since you are a Level 9 individual do you have any answer. Skype works perfectly with this setup. More Less.

What Causes iPhone Echoing and How Do I Stop It?

    Below are the five simple fixes to stop iPhone Echo. The steps are simple and sometimes it will work. Method 1. Switch to Headset or Speaker. Since we have identified feedback as iPhone 11 Facetime echo caused by iPhone's audio output, switch the audio output will help correct the issue of the iPhone echo on the speaker. Here is how to make the ...

Why does FaceTime echo? - Quora

    Answer (1 of 3): If you are really talking about an echo in a FaceTime call where the users are far enough apart that it cannot feedback through the air, then please disregard this answer. But if you are talking about what I think you are talking about (when both ends of the FaceTime call are wit...

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