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Am I crazy for not liking Evidence audio cables? | The ...


Evidence Audio

    SIS Plugs have revolutionized solderless patch cables! Read More. “I have recorded my new album Memory Crash with 15 different guitars, 10 different Amplifiers, 30 efx pedals, and 1 guitar cable, the Evidence Audio Lyric HG. Honestly there is no …

Audio Cables Compared and Recommended

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Cable Capacitance - Audio Systems Group

    about 330m (1,100 feet) of cable. Audio cable is available in three ra most flexible and snake cable, has about 30-34 pf per foot. Low-capacitance cable has about 20 pf per foot and is more expensive. Special cable constructions optimized to reduce noise pickup (star-quad and some double-shielded cables) have 46-56pF per foot.

Capacitance of Evidence Monorail cable? | The Gear Page

    15,872. Jan 7, 2018. #7. stinkfoot said: Low capacitance does not automatically = better tone. With regards to the guitar cable, capacitance is a vital part in what makes up the tone (with the amount setting the resonant peak) and having no capacitance at all would be far from ideal. With regards to a patch cable, there's an argument to be made ...

The Evidence Audio Cables Review | David Boles, Blogs

    Evidence Audio cables ring out the true sound of your guitar while Mogami dresses up the sound just a little bit to match the middling, midstream, mainstream, untrained, wringing, ear. It takes bravery, not bravado, to use an Evidence Audio cable because those cables exposes the reality of your amps, speakers and guitars in ways you might not ...

Forget About Cable Capacitance! With Tony Farinella of ...

    In this interview Tony and I talk about how he got started in making and ultimately caring about cable (this in itself is fascinating). We talk about what is...

Cables - Evidence Audio

    The 15 ft. Evidence Audio Forte cable normally sells for $175 new and the 6 ft. Evidence Audio Forte cable was $100. I also paid $50 for the 12 ft. Monster Bass cable so these three cables together run $325 new. I am also including one 14 ft. Evidence Audio Lyric cable with dual right angle connectors for free.

Solderless Patch Cable Kit - Evidence Audio

    1) REMOVE the thin black (conductive) skin from around the white insulation. If it touches where the conductor needs to enter, you’ll create a complete short or partial short with weak signal. 2) Attach the first plug to your longer supply of cable before cutting to length. Measure length required to the other plug.

The Monorail Signal Cable | Evidence Audio

    The Monorail Signal Cable. $2.95. The Monorail cable is true to the voicing priorities of Evidence Audio in a form factor which allows you to get great sound in small spaces. Strand interaction is mitigated with the same 20 awg IGL conductor used in the Lyric, Siren and Melody cables. The Monorail can be soldered with a variety of phone plugs, or used with the SIS Screw In …

Product Spotlight October 2010 Evidence Audio

    Specializing in high performance instrument, microphone, and speaker cables for both live and studio applications, Evidence Audio was founded by Tony Farinella in 1997. As one of the most critical components placed in the path of an audio signal, cables can degrade tone by adding unwanted coloration, obscuring definition, and compressing dynamics.

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