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Echo Audiofire 12 - Sound on Sound

    The Audiofire 12 has an attractive milled-aluminium front panel with embossed Echo logo; unlike the Audiofire 8 and Layla 3G, the rack ears are integral rather than optional. Each of the 12 inputs and outputs has an identical LED meter with four …

Echo Audiofire 4 - Sound On Sound

    Echo have an excellent, and well deserved, reputation when it comes to audio and MIDI interfaces, a number of which (such as the Mia) have sold by the bucket-load and become instant classics. Martin Walker gave the Audiofire 12, Echo's first …

Pops and Clicks in Logic w/ Echo Audiofire Pre8 - Logic ...

    Re: Pops and Clicks in Logic w/ Echo Audiofire Pre8 Fri Mar 06, 2015 6:43 pm If the pops and clicks still occur afte r you've increased the buffer, then it's probably due to either midi clock mismatches or sample rate mismatches between the device and the computer.

Audiofire 4 - Echo Audiofire 4 - Audiofanzine

    I use it with Mac OS X Leopard on a Mac Mini Intel (Core 2 Duo) and a 12" Powerbook with Logic Pro 7.2. Instruments most often recorded: acoustic, electric and bass guitars, and vocals UTILIZATION The Audiofire 4 is natively compatible to Core Audio and Core Midi so there's no need for drivers!

Echo Digital Audio Corporation

    • Phantom power for the AudioFire 4 is now saved and restored with console sessions • Firmware fixes for improved Mac OS X support • Firmware tweak for AudioFire 12 to improve playback at 176.4 and 192 kHz • Changed the internal filter creation logic for better DirectShow support • Improved playback buffer timing 3.0.5

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