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[RESOLVED]Problem with video/audio - EasyWorship

    But no luck. I had converted the MP4 movie to MOV because I thought that this maybe would fix it. Again, no luck. If I play the movie in VLC or Windows Media player, everything is ok. Only in Easyworship I have this problem. After this, I had installed the pre-release version 6.5.5 and was hoping that this would fix the problem. And again, no luck.

No Audio When Playing DVD Clips - EasyWorship

    No Audio When Playing DVD Clips : EasyWorship Issue Playing DVD clips in EasyWorship requires a separate decoder (Dscaler) to be able to get the audio to work. Solution To install the DScaler codec, follow the steps from THIS ARTICLE. Software Media Support Account support support support X Enter your search term here... Search

WMV file not playing sound after the Easy ... - EasyWorship

    I am having the exact same issues with my wmv clips playing with no sound in easyworship 7 after the upgrade. They play fine outside of easywroship. System is I5, nvidia gtx 1060 ti with 16g ram . J . Jennifer Clem. said about 1 year ago Dan Willard - my specs are fine. Everything was working fine until the upgrade.

A Quick Guide to Fix MOV File No Sound Error in Windows

    Reasons behind MOV file no sound problem The sound on MOV file can stop playing for various reasons, but in most cases, the reason might be as simple as the particular program’s incompatibility with the QuickTime file type. MOV files are QuickTime-based files, so trying to play MOV files on Windows might often lead to error MOV no sound.

EasyWorship - Church Presentation Software

    EasyWorship began as a software solution for churches to amplify the worship experience from the sound booth to the stage. From bringing you the best church presentation software, worship media and customer support we can offer, we purpose to …

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