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    Luckily, there are earplugs that are designed specifically with musicians and audio engineers in mind. These ear plugs are superior because instead of attenuating frequencies differently across the spectrum, they aim to attenuate all frequencies evenly which effectively just brings the level of the sound down, instead of changing the frequency balance.

6 Earplugs for Musicians, Engineers and ... - Pro Audio Files

    Ear protection devices are necessary when sound levels are high and exposure times are dangerous. But the difference between the protection required by a factory worker and that of an audio engineer or musician is that the latter needs to retain as much of the intricacies and subtleties of the sound as possible while reducing the overall volume ...

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Hearing Protection Roundup: The Best Earplugs for ...

    Overall, the Sensaphonics ERs were incredibly easy to use and comfortable to wear for long periods, with a good seal that made listening both accurate and natural. Priced around $150.00, the Sensaphonics plugs come with a carrying case and one set of filters. Additional pairs of filters are $70.00 each.

Musicians And Sound Engineers Can Protect Hearing …

    The answer could be Minuendo’s Lossless earplugs; a product specially designed for use by musicians and live performers, giving them control over sound levels throughout practice sessions and...

Best Earplugs for Musicians - inSync - Sweetwater

    Westone TRU Universal Earplugs. Westone are leaders in the in-ear monitor arena, and they’ve applied their years of research toward protecting your hearing with earplugs, as well. One of their most popular offerings is the TRU Universal series of earplugs, available with either 25dB or 16dB of volume reduction.

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