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Clearaudio Alignment Tool Review | Vinyl Engine

    Let’s take a look at the Clearaudio tool. The documentation of the Clearaudio tool is saying to provide (almost) perfect and easy alignment for every tonearm mounted between 222 and 327mm from the spindle centre. In fact, our analysis of the Clearaudio tool will be based on this sentence (taken from the documentation, page 6): Data: The ...

Free Cartridge Alignment Protractors | Vinyl Engine

    Clearaudio arm alignment jig Posted Thu, 03/18/2010 - 04:02 by audiopile. Saw a pic of Clearaudio's alignment jig - looks a lot like my denison Soundtractor = a tool that has served me well for 30 years or so -anybody know anything about this unit ?

Cartridge alignment gauge IEC Einstellschablone

    Clearaudio radial tonearms this distance is 222mm for 9” models or 295mm for 12” models. For different tonearm lengths and/or for other manufacturers’ tonearms please refer to the relevant user manual. To measure the distance, place the alignment gauge on the turntable spindle and align the centre pin with the centre of the tonearm bearing.

Clearaudio & SME table opinions? | What's Best Audio and ...

    The one thing that bothers me about the SME arm is the inability to adjust azimuth. Sure you can shim, etc but it a kluge to a basic tonearm necessity. As far as Bob, his reservation with the 12 inch arm is that alignment is more critical than with a shorter arm. With his alignment jig, I don't see how that's a problem.

clearaudio electronic GmbH | High End - made in Germany

    2018 marks a significant milestone for Clearaudio as we are celebrating our 40th anniversary. We’ve been helping to write hi-fi history for 40 years and today we’re proud to say that the name Clearaudio stands for high-end audio made in Germany. Clearaudio began its journey in 1978 with the launch of the Delta and Sigma loudspeakers and ...

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