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      PS Audio - Jewel AC Power Cable (C-7) | Shop Music Direct

        PS Audio's Jewel Power Cables offer performance unparalleled at these prices. PS Audio engineers know how to design and build high-end audio power cables, and these cables are guaranteed to make a difference or your money back! The Jewel C-7 Power Cord delivers even better performance with much better noise rejection. This power cable upgrade will absolutely …

      Cable Asylum - Audio Asylum -- Audio Reviews, Audiophile ...

        While a 3 conductor cord is not necessary for a C7 power cord, there are very few audiophile quality 2 conductor power cords available to choose from. You might consider building a DIY 2 conductor C7 power cord with VH Audio's Unshielded Twisted Pair bulk power cable. See link: http://www.vhaudio.com/wire.html

      DIY Audio Electronics from Zynsonix.com: Custom C7 Power Cable

        PS Audio produces the 12 gauge Jewel power cord which is offered in a C7 configuration and runs ~$70-80 on the street, then there is the Audioquest NRG-1 power cord, which has a similar street price and comes in 16 gauge.

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