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A/V Jack - C64-Wiki


A/V Jack - C64-Wiki

    The audio and different video signals are available on the A/V jack of the C64. The output of the audio signal is available on a pin of the jack and can be fed separately to the TV set, Monitor or stereo set. The video signal, that drives a TV set or …

C64 with audio out jack mod - Commodore 64 (C64) Forum

    Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 3:53 pm Post subject: C64 with audio out jack mod. Hi all, I have a C64 ASSY250425 with an audio out headphone jack mod. The signal is tap in parallel to the Sid pin 27, and no hard mod has been done to the board (no trace cut). I believe this is quite bad because plugging headphones can be only done with the C64 off ...

C64 audio out put options (Page 1) - Commodore Computers ...

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. get messiah + sid2sid then toss a C64/NESmod kit into it. and have a blast. Just bi-pass the sid2sid output amp on the 2nd sid, and take the audio outputs direct to the inputs of the C64/NESmod board. Last …

Anyone ever use the audio out feature on the C64 …

    I finally got around to doing this tonight primarily to get two speaker audio to the PC speakers that are connected to both the Amiga and IIGS. I got one of those nifty little 3.5mm audio four way switchboxes The sound coming out of this is awesome! I cannot tell any difference between it and the...

C64Audio.com - The C64 record label

    A must for C64 fans with free SID albums, an 80 piece orchestra playing C64, Rob Hubbard's new SIDs on CD, rare vinyls, Jean-Michel Jarre-inspired box-sets, classic albums, Hubbard, Galway, Daglish, downloads, surround-sound, informative blogs and lots more.

question about C64 video/audio out (Page 1) - Commodore ...

    The C64 has mono audio unless you've installed a second SID or are connecting both L and R to the same audio out pin. But yes, you should be able to get RF at the same time, though I would suggest ripping out the RF box entirely and using composite video only. Those things are so noisy. Here's a pinout of the jack if you haven't seen it.

Commodore 64/128/16/+4 8-Pin DIN S-Video & RCA AV Cable ...

    Treat your Commodore 64, 128, 128D, C116, 16, and +4 the way it was meant to, in the best picture quality available to it without modding your computer. Connect a Commodore Computer (with the 8-pin DIN AV Connector) to either an S-Video Connector or Composite Video RCA. It also includes left and right audio connectors.

THEC64Mini - C64-Wiki

    THEC64Mini (or THEC64 MINI) is an updated version of the Commodore 64 home computer, manufactured by Retro Games Ltd. and distributed by Koch Media.It is based on an ARM CPU A20 SoC and Linux operating system running the VICE emulator. It connects via HDMI to any ordinary home TV. It comes supplied with 64 classic C64 games, such as Uridium, Paradroid, Hawkeye, …

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