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C64 with audio out jack mod - Commodore 64 (C64) Forum

    Hi all, I have a C64 ASSY250425 with an audio out headphone jack mod. The signal is tap in parallel to the Sid pin 27, and no hard mod has been done to the board (no trace cut). I believe this is quite bad because plugging headphones can be only done with the C64 off (to avoid voltage spikes that can kill the Sid), and because with headphones plugged in, the …

Modifying the C64 datasette for audio in [Hacks/Mods]

    Modifying the C64 datasette for audio in [Hacks/Mods] ... In theory you could also capture data from the C64 if you utilised the data out point, but I have no use for this function. So I soldered wires to the ground and the data in points and made a rudimentary head phone jack from a 'choc block'. In the near future I will add an actual ...

Commodore C64 Modifications

    Commodore C64 Modifications for use with Prophet64. Commodore C64 Modifications. Audio Connections. By: AlphA. The 1/4" Audio In and Outs. Many people who use the C64 for audio add an additional SID chip. This became known as piggybacking, since the additional SID was soldered on top of the original. Piggybacking isn t as simple as it sounds. Not all SID pins …

Analogue Audio Out from C2N (mod?) - Commodore 64 (C64) Forum

    Line out mod is for backing up/dumping cassette tapes to your PC.You can save it as wav with Audacity or convert it to tap with Audiotap. You need to plug this into your PC's microphone in port.If you have a Line-in instead you might need to lower the resistance. You will need a 100nF capacitor and a 22K resistor.

C64 Alpha Mod | Hackaday

    David Terrill sent in his new c64 project.It’s almost an end-all c64 mod. He lopped off the back half of the case, added s-video, a piggybacked …

C64 Component Mod & S-Video Available at VGP | RetroRGB

    C64 Component Mod & S-Video Available at VGP. Posted on June 13, 2020 by Vanessa (Vanessaira) The Component Video mod for the Commodore 64 (C64) is now available for purchase at Video Game Perfection (VGP). This is a video mod that allows user to replace the existing RF modulator that is onboard the C64 and drops in a FPGA replacement solution that …

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