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Recording The Masters FOX C60 TYPE 1 Audio Cassettes [Single]

    Recording The Masters FOX C60 TYPE 1 Audio Cassettes [Single] Based on the based on legendary SM900 formula! You are buying Recording The Masters brand modern analog magnetic tape with black back-coating individually designed for giving extra high-output, wide dynamic range, low noise, low print and with excellent winding properties.

Recording The Masters FOX C60 TYPE 1 Audio Cassettes [Pack ...

    The Recording The Master FOX C60 is a 90 minute TYPE 1 audio cassette based on the legendary SM900 formula. Normal Bias 60 Minute Professional Grade Derived from the BASF 900 Original Formulation. SPECIFICATIONS: • Width: 3,81mm • Length: 87.5m • Recording time: 60min max • Clear 5-screws tabs-in cassette • Base film: Polyester

RTM Fox C60 Type I Audio Cassette Review - hifinext.com

    RTM Fox C60 Type I Specifications. C60 – Ferric Oxide tape (Type I). Clear 5-screw tabs-in cassette. Recording time: 60min. Tape width: 3.81mm (+0.00/-0.05mm). Tape length: 87.5m. Base film: Polyester. Base film thickness: 12 µm (+/-0.5 µm). Coating thickness: 5 µm (+/-0.5 µm). Total thickness: 17 µm (+/-1 µm).

Capture Series C-60 Audio Cassette Tape - Splicit

    30 per page 60 per page 120 per page 180 per page 300 per page. Page of 1. Capture Series C-60 Cassette Tape. NEW! 1/8" Cassette Tape, Type 1 standard …

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