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2010 CORVETTE C6 GRANDSPORT OEM Personal Audio Link …

    2010 CORVETTE C6 GRANDSPORT OEM Personal Audio Link (PAL) iPhone; 2010 CORVETTE C6 GRANDSPORT OEM Personal PAL Link SALENEW very popular! iPhone Audio $49 2010 CORVETTE C6 GRANDSPORT OEM Personal Audio Link (PAL) iPhone eBay Motors Parts Accessories In-Car Technology, GPS Securit Terminals Wiring Adapters Plugs …

OEM Chevrolet Corvette Personal Audio Link GM …


    C6 Corvette Version 2 PAL - kawal.net

      C6 Corvette Version 2 PAL Personal Audio Link. Non-Nav Version Operation (updated 4/5/11)

    C6 Corvette Version 2 PAL

      C6 Corvette Version 2 PAL Personal Audio Link Nav Version Operation (updated 4/5/11) The latest Nav version of the PAL is the best yet, with the most features and user friendliness. The new Playing menu has been modified to enable easy selection of the new Direct Mode and Aux In Mode. Finally a PAUSE button has been added!

    C6 Corvette Ipod Adapters - kawal.net

      The GM Personal Audio Link (PAL) is the most well integrated adapter and has the most features of any adapter. This makes it the most powerful solution for the C6 Corvette (with Nav), in my opinion. The only reasons not to choose it are if the installation is too difficult for you or you decide you MUST have control of the Ipod at the Ipod itself.

    Where is the Personal Audio Link? | Corvette Forum ...

      Corvette, as well as 56 other models under the GM corporate umbrella will soon have a factory device called the "Personal Audio Link" that allows owners to hook up their iPods and play them through their factory audio systems. Rollout of the PAL will begin in October this year and by then of 2007, most GM vehicles should be equipped with the device.

    about the GM PAL (Personal Audio Link) - kawal.net

      The GM Personal Audio Link is a device sold in a kit that, once installed, allows you to connect and control your iPod or iPhone through your Corvette audio system. The PAL also will charge your iPod (see below for limitations) whenever it is connected and your engine is running. The PAL allows you to listen to your entire music (and audiobooks) library that is stored on …

    GM Accessory PAL Personal Audio Link $139.58 Holiday ...

      The PAL is an audio accessory item for the C6 Corvette. PAL is an acronym for Personal Audio Link. The PAL enables the use of an iPod or iPhone with Corvette C6 cars equipped with a navigation head unit (only works currently with the navigation radio). talon90 Agent Joined Oct 11, 2008 2,233 Posts #8 · Dec 21, 2009 deano9666 said:

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