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C4630 SE Home Audio System - Sonance

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C4630 SE H OME A UDIO S YSTEM - Sonance

    The C4630 SE Home Audio System has features and capabilities that will meet the demands of an extremely wide variety of applications. It can be a simple background music system, serve as the preamp/controller for a powerful foreground music system, or it can be integrated as a sub-system in a complex whole-house automation and control package.

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    The final trick buried within the C4630's silicon is the BBE Sound Enhancement that, among other things, adds 3 dB of equalization at low frequencies and 6 dB at high frequencies. The processing can be engaged for each source individually via a switch located on the rear of the chassis. Engaging BBE produced immediate and noticeable results.

Sonance C4630 SE Home Audio Distribution System …

    •System as tested: C4630 SE ($1,800) C4630 SE Main Keypad ($100) C4630 SE Numeric Keypad ($60) Navigator K1 Keypad ($299) Navigator K2 Keypad ($550) C4630 SE IR Remote Control ($30) MR1 Micro Infrared Receiver ($110) iPort FS-2 iPod Docking Station ($150) •4-source, 6-zone Audio Controller •Up to 4 units can be daisy-chained for a 24-zone system •Includes 12-channel …

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    The C4630 SE is a home audio system that makes it easy for the entire family to control and enjoy music throughout the home, allowing users to listen to any of four different audio sources in up to six different rooms (zones) at the same time. The C4630 SE is controlled by C4630 SE Main and Numeric Keypad Controllers (available separately). The

Sonance C4630 SE Home Audio Distribution System …

    Given its screen display, and the C4630's inherent ability to report status (now limited to its RS-232 connection), perhaps a future version will provide some feedback on the K2 keypad that would help justify its higher price. For their prices, the C4630 Main and Numeric pads are great, offering all of the control that a system would require.

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