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C 37 lacquer by Ennemoser - tnt-audio.com

    It seems the C37 lacquer shifts the resonances (or the harmonics of the fundamental frequencies) towards higher frequencies, "tuning" the object in some sense. Finally, I've applied the C37 even on the body of a cheap Grado cartridge (installed on the Garrard) and started to listen to the whole tweaked C37'ed set-up.

C37 TH8.9 Violin Varnish by Deiter Ennemoser

    C37 is a special violin varnish/lacquer used for vibration and resonance. control which is created by Dieter Ennemoser in Austria. It has been. used by professionals and amateurs all around the world in pro audio. and high end audio situations for over 15 years. For high end audio. purposes, this lacquer can be applied onto anything that.

C37 Acoustics Dieter Ennemoser - Violin Maker & Acoustic ...

    C37 Lacquer is a concoction of different resins and solvents, all optimized to adjust the sound of a. mechanical system to that of the human ear. This lacquer is almost clear with an amber cast. Although it dries to the touch in one day, it requires about 10 weeks to harden completely and attain. its maximum effect.

Where do I buy C37 lacquer at low cost? | diyAudio

    The C37 lacquer is just another form of finish that has been promoted as having a "superior" or even magical sound when applied to speaker cones, and just about anything else that has anything to do with the sound of a system.

The Freakzoid Tweekaloid Strikes Again by Thorsten Loesch

    The reasons are manifold. While it can justly be argued that C37 lacquer is an audio-component it’s very nature makes a formal, structured review with assignment of absolute scores and the like difficult. When I first heard about the lacquer over four …

Finewire Tonearm Cables - The Voice That Is - High End …

    A C37 lacquer mixture is used for this special applications on signal wires by the inventor Dieter Ennemoser. The signal wires are screened and protected by an outer jacket, one for each channel, matte black surface and around 4 mm diameter.

DCX2496 Ultra High Performance Audio Modifications & New ...

    injection. This clock is treated with C37 Gold Standard and Audio Magic Ultimate Black Out Paint. If you want the best, you have to get our tweaked Dexa Neutron star 2 clock!!! C37 Gold Standard Vibration/Resonance Lacquer Upgrade: Exclusively available only from ASi, the C37 Gold Standard flagship exotic vibration

W13 - Boenicke Audio

    C37 lacquer on rear side of wood cone and inner side of voice coil former; Swing Base included; Harmonisation included . Trees. Choose from walnut, ash, core ash and cherry. Oak upon request. Dimensions. 105 x 18 x 39 cm, weight approx. 40 kg per piece (depending on version and wood)

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