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C1815 NPN Transistor: Pinout, Equivalents, and Uses

    C1815 Description. Also known as 2SC1815, the C1815 is a bipolar junction NPN transistor widely used in commercial and educational projects. It is designed for audio frequency amplification and high-frequency oscillator (OSC). …

C1815 NPN Audio Amplifier Transistor – QuartzComponents

    The C1815 is a high voltage and high current NPN transistor. A transistor can normally be used as a switch or amplifier, but this transistor is commonly is used only for audio frequency amplifier application since it has a very high dc current gain value of 120-700.

C1815 Transistor Details About Pinout, Equivalent, Uses ...

    C1815 is a widely used transistor, it is used in commercial and educational projects. It is designed for audio frequency amplification and high frequency OSC. The collector-base voltage of the transistor is 50V therefore it can …


    C1815 NPN General Purpose Transistor is designed for Audio Frequency Amplifier & High-Frequency Oscillator Application. C1815 is a … Read more

Introduction to C1815 - The Engineering Projects

    Applications of C1815 These are applications of C1815. It is used in such instruments which use Sensor Circuits; It is used in Auditory Pre-amplifiers. It is used in different audio Amplifier Phases. It works as a switch for such circuits which use 150mA current. It …

How to make a audio amplifier with C1815 || by all in one ...

    Hi , This video is about the simple audio amplifier with C1815 . WARNINGdon't put the amplifier in more than 4volt . To download t...

C1815 Datasheet(PDF) - Toshiba Semiconductor

    Silicon NPN Epitaxail Type(for Audio Frequency General Purpose Amplifier Applications), C1815 datasheet, C1815 circuit, C1815 data sheet : TOSHIBA, alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors.

C1815 Schema / Daniele Alberti, Arduino 's blog ...

    It is designed to increase the low frequency of audio. 200 mw, 150 ma, 60 v npn plastic encapsulated transistor.transistor npn, c1815 datasheet, c1815 circuit, c1815 data sheet : Detailed information on the use of cookies on this website is provided in our privacy policy.by using this site, you.

C1815 Transistor Pinout, Datasheet, Features, Equivalent

    The C1815 is a general purpose NPN transistor that is commonly used in Amplifier applications. There are four variants, the 2SC1815O will have a gain value of 70 to 140 and the 2SC1815Y will have 1020 to 240, the 2SC1815GR will have 200 to 400 and the 2SC1815L will have a gain range from 350 to 700. This NPN transistor also has its counterpart ...

C1815 Transistor Introduction | Audio amplifier ...

    C1815 is a widely used transistor designed for audio amplification and high frequency OSC. The collector base voltage of the transistor is 50V, so it can be easily used in circuits lower than 50V DC. Find this Pin and more on 3Celectrons Mall by 3CElectrons. Electronics Mini Projects. Electronics Basics.

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