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TDK D-C180 (blank) Audio Cassette - Brand New (sealed) …

    Details aboutTDK D-C180 (blank) Audio Cassette - Brand New (sealed) 1 viewed per hour. TDK D-C180 (blank) Audio Cassette - Brand New (sealed) Item Information. Condition: New. Price: US $90.00. Free shipping.

TDK D-C180 cassette tape | eBay

    (This is for 2 used TDK D-C180 cassette tapes. I have NOT tested any of these cassettes and can only provide visual grading. 1) ALL have writing on cassette. (This is for 2 used TDK D-C180 cassette tapes. ... Home Audio Cassette Tape Decks with Cassette Tape, TDK 8 hr Blank VHS Video Tapes, TDK Media Cases & Storage Solutions for Audio Cassettes,

Audio Tape Specifications - Compact Audio Cassettes

    However C180 and even C240 cassettes have been produced both for the consumer market and for specialised applications such as call logging. Rumours have sometimes associated C120 and longer cassettes with double or triple play reel-to-reel tape, but in fact even C60 cassettes use tape thinner than double play and little thicker than triple play.

How to troubleshoot when the cassette player is eating ...

    NOTE: C120 and C180 cassette tapes may not play properly. C60 and C90 are recommended. Depending on the location of your unit, the tape heads may have condensation on them. Open up the tape door, unplug the unit and let the unit sit for approximately one hour to dry up any moisture. Then plug the unit back in and try the unit once more.

Audio cassette format question | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

    Some vendors are more generous than others, providing 132 meters (433 feet) or 135 meters (442 feet) rather than 129 meters (423 feet) of tape for a C90 cassette. C180 and even C240 tapes were available at one time, but these were extremely thin and fragile and suffered badly from effects such as print-through, which made them unsuitable for ...

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