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    Type C results Type C tympanograms represents a deviation in ear canal volume, middle ear nce function. • Type C tympanogram result with normal compliance but low middle ear pressure indicates a Eustachian tube dysfunction without ear effusion.1 • Type Cs (shallow) tympanogram result with reduced compliance and low middle

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            This Type Cd tympanogram, with increased compliance (Comp = 4.8) and low middle ear pressure (Pres = -240), also suggests either an ossicular subluxation, or healed tympanic membrane perforation (similar to Type Ad) with Eustachian tube dysfunction. Type C: Type C tympanograms generally have similar compliance values and shapes as Type A tympanograms.

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              Figure 5 shows the “Type A” curve of a normal tympanogram. This curve is shown as a thick dark line against the shaded area (shading shows the area a “normal” tympanogram would fall into). Figure 5 In a “Type A” curve, the peak compliance occurs at or near atmospheric pressure indicating normal pressure within the middle ear.

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              Herein, what does type ad Tympanogram mean? Tympanometric shapes Type A is normal – the peak immitance is at or near 0 daPa. • Type AD shows an unusually high peak pressure, e.g., a flaccid TM or ossicular discontinuity. • Type AS shows a reduced pressure peak, e.g., ossicular fixation and some forms of otitis media. One may also ask, what does SRT mean …

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