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Changing your Windows audio device programmatically using ...


c# - Change default audio device on Windows 7 - Stack …

    I want to be able to change the default audio output device on Windows 7 programatically using C# (and probably some underlying Win32 API calls, as well). I've already done my homework, and I've heard a lot of mixed comments from different sources, so I wanted to ask this question again to get a straight answer.

C# Dynamically set sound output of application - Stack ...

    Windows intentionally provides no API to change the default audio output device. It was determined long ago that such an API would allow developers to write programs that were highly intrusive and annoying to the user. Throughout the years, people have discovered some undocumented features of Windows that would allow this.

C# play sound from specific audio device - Linus Tech Tips

    In the audio settings for windows, you state which output device for each application (if you want to change from the default output device.) LTT Fan Fiction: My new favourite thread: Link to comment ... C# play sound from specific audio device Theme . Day Theme (Default) Night Theme .

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