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Audio Recording from microphone in C#.net - CodeProject

    I have done audio recording from microphone.. using C#.Net. It was working absolutely fine in my local system; recording, saving and playing all. But when uploaded in Server it is creating a file, and showing 44bytes.

Audio Recorder in C#

    record ("save recsound d:\\mic.wav", "", 0, 0); record ("close recsound", "", 0, 0); } The recsound alias that we initialized in the record button was called here. This button will save the recorded audio file and saved into D directory and will named as mic.wav. Then after saving, we close the recorded sound.

Windows Forms: Record voice in C# - FoxLearn

    You can use Win32 API to record audio from microphone in c# using audio library, so you need to import the mciSendStringA method from the Win32 API as the folowing c# code. Add code to handle the Record button click event allows you to select directory to save file, then record voice in c#.

Recording Sound with a Microphone in desktop application C#

    i want to know is there any .net dll for desktop application to record a sound and save that recording in a mp3 file. Thanks for any help. Tuesday, December 9, 2014 1:43 PM. Answers text/html 12/9/2014 3:21:03 PM pvdg42 0. 0. …

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