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sampling - Timing in C# real time audio analysis - Stack ...

    Since you know the sample rate of the audio stream (eg. 44100 samples/second), take your average peak distance (in samples), multiply by 1/ (samples rate) to get the time (in seconds) between taps, divide by 60 to get the time (in minutes) between taps, and invert to get the taps/minute. Hope that helps Share Improve this answer

c# - Need an audio analysis library to create real time ...

    Real-time is not necessarily required, however I am creating a game for my final year project and I wish to use the power of audio to create dynamic levels based solely on a music track that is playing. I aim to create this game for the PS Vita using playstation mobile and C#, but if i want i can switch to C++ and PSP.

Realtime Audio Analysis C# - Programming - Linus Tech …

    The GUI was written in C#, Arduino Code can be found in the post from above. What I'm trying to do: To be clear, I'm not that deep into C#, I'm currently more on the Lazarus/Pascal side, which is why I'm asking for simpicity. And sure the data would have to be processed with the CPU, and the data sent to the Arduino.

Realtime Microphone Audio FFT Graph with C# - YouTube

    Here I demonstrate a project written in C# (Visual Studio 2017) where microphone audio is continuously sampled and graphed (both raw data and FFT frequency)....

realtime-audio · GitHub Topics · GitHub

    Code Issues Pull requests. Here I like to share my realtime audio configuration on a (pulseaudio-free) Archlinux system. I use a Lenovo laptop with Intel chipset and a Presonus AudioBox VSL. My configuration is not perfect and lacks some functions. But this is due to some missing configurations.

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