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C Programming Tutorial for Beginners - YouTube

    This course will give you a full introduction into all of the core concepts in the C programming language.Want more from Mike? He's starting a coding RPG/Boo...

C++ Tutorial for Beginners - Full Course - YouTube

    This course will give you a full introduction into all of the core concepts in C++. Want more from Mike? He's starting a coding RPG/Bootcamp - https://simula...

Learning to work with audio in C++ - Stack Overflow

    Lots of good suggestions in here. In addition I'd suggest looking at the Jack Audio Toolkit, the JUCE framework, and learn how to port the C code from synthesis libraries like Csound. The "Audio Programming Book" is good too for that. Re C vs C++, I think you'll find that in audio work, the C++ part is often really just chrome for code management.

The Audio Programming Book | The MIT Press

    The Audio Programming Book is an invaluable resource for composers, sound designers, and programmers. The contributors have done an outstanding job of communicating not only the technology but also the artistry of programming audio applications. That art will surely flourish further, thanks to their efforts. Robert Rowe.

Learn C Programming - Programiz: Learn to Code for Free

    C Introduction. Keywords & Identifier. Variables & Constants. C Data Types. C Input/Output. …

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