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windows - How to get a C program to play a sound file ...

    If you only need one sound and you're using the Win32 API, figuring out the PlaySound() function would be the easiest. Here's a SO question that has a basic example which should work in C. I ended up using OpenAL (analogous to OpenGL) which allows you to play several sounds at once. I'd suggest searching for some simple, complete examples.

Playing audio in C program - social.msdn.microsoft.com

    The C and C++ programming languages provide no support. for hardware features as they must be portable across. platforms. So to play a sound you must use an extension. to those languages or an additional API. >You must add winmm.lib to the project linker settings. >at 'Additional Dependencies'. Or use a pragma in your code: #pragma comment (lib ...

xcode - How do I create/play audio in C++? - Stack Overflow

    I wanted to make a program that played certain frequencies based on different conditions, but I soon realized I couldn't even figure out how to play an audio file. From what I found looking for a solution, it seems almost impossible on Mac, and everything I tried copying into Xcode ended up with a bunch of errors.

C program to play a sound

    As one has already posted, SDL or FMOD library can be called from a C program. Without using a shell and having to kill a process. With these library's, not only can you play WAV, MP3, etc. but have other controls over the sound, like volume, tone, speed. Can start and stop the sound at any point durring playback.

Playing Audio in C : C_Programming

    Get an audio file (not MIDI). Find a CLI command that will play the file. (I'm not familiar with Linux Mint; maybe alsa_player?) Your command shouldn't print anything; if it does, redirect its output to /dev/null. To start the audio, do this. system("your command"); /* or system("your command >/dev/null 2>&1"); */ To stop the audio, do this.

play sound in C? - C++ Programming

    Windows > Run > "cmd" cd /d "C:\Documents and Settings\i'm vochin\My Documents\code blocks project's\teste\" gcc Untitled2.c -oplay_sound -lwinmm play_sound.exe If you got to compiler options, choose "Linker options" and then add …

Play Music using PlaySound function in C++ - CodeSpeedy

    cout<<"Enter the name of an audio file: "; cin>>audiofile_char; fp.open(audiofile_char, ios::in); if (fp != NULL) { /* open function doesn't work with a variable of string type and PlaySound function doesn't work with char array hence first we used char array and here we are converting it to a string. so that we can use it in PlaySound function */ string audiofile_str =audiofile_char; /* …

How to play a part of an MP3 file in C++ - CodeSpeedy

    The audio file, that we are going to play, must be saved in the same folder where your program is saved. If not, then you have to specify the proper path string in the MCI command string while opening the file. Go to the project options or an equivalent tab in your compiler and type this in the linker section: “-lwinmm”. In Dev-C++, go to project->project options->parameters->linker …

how can we play audio files in c++? what should be the ...

    Copy Code. PlaySound ( "filename.wav", NULL, SND_ASYNC); As I recall, you may have issues with files larger than 1mb. It's been a few years since I did unmanaged coding though, so this may no longer be an issue... If you meant that you want to play MP3 files, google is your friend. If you add "codeproject" to your search phrase, you'll probably find a lot of article shere …

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