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windows - Playing part of a sound (WMA) file in C# - …

    IWavePlayer waveOutDevice = new WaveOut(); WaveStream mainOutputStream; WaveChannel32 volumeStream; WaveStream wmaReader = new WMAFileReader(@"F:\My Music\The Prodigy\Music for the Jilted Generation\01 Intro.wma"); volumeStream = new WaveChannel32(wmaReader); mainOutputStream = volumeStream; …

Playing .wma files with NAudio in C# - CodeProject

    I'm working on a C# app in Visual Studio 2013 that needs to play audio files in .wav, .mp3 and .wma formats. the .wav and mp3 files play with no problem. .wma files, however, seem to require extra handling and I'm at a loss to find a solution. Here are the using statements at the top of the project file:

CSAudioPlayer - Play many types of audio files with C# and ...

    Set the playing format: 48Khz to 8Khz sample rates. 8, 16, 24 and 32 bits depth. Mono or stereo. Get the playing position. Get the time length of the source file. Embedly audio visualization: Set the color base. Set the color max. Set the interval. Set the number of bars to display. Set the spacing between the bars. Embedly audio meter. Set the volume.

Playing Audio and Video Files In C# - C# Corner

    Right click on 'General' tab (or anyother tab) in toolbox ->select 'Choose Items...' ->select 'COM Components' tab ->select 'Windows Media Player' ->click on 'OK' button. 'Windows Media Player' control will appear in the toolbox.

SoundPlayer.Play Method (System.Media) | Microsoft Docs

    The Play method plays the sound using a new thread. If you call Play before the .wav file has been loaded into memory, the .wav file will be loaded before playback starts. You can use the LoadAsync or Load method to load the .wav file to memory in advance. After a .wav file is successfully loaded from a Stream or URL, future calls to playback ...

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