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How to play MP3 files in C? - Stack Overflow

    Using FMOD (cross platform), this should be as simple as this: #include <conio.h> #include "inc/fmod.h" FSOUND_SAMPLE* handle; int main () { // init FMOD sound system FSOUND_Init (44100, 32, 0); // load and play mp3 handle=FSOUND_Sample_Load (0,"my.mp3",0, 0, 0); FSOUND_PlaySound (0,handle); // wait until the users hits a key to end the app while (!_kbhit …

Playing Audio in C : C_Programming - reddit

    Get an audio file (not MIDI). Find a CLI command that will play the file. (I'm not familiar with Linux Mint; maybe alsa_player?) Your command shouldn't print anything; if it does, redirect its output to /dev/null. To start the audio, do this. system("your command"); /* or system("your command >/dev/null 2>&1"); */ To stop the audio, do this.

C program to play a sound

    As one has already posted, SDL or FMOD library can be called from a C program. Without using a shell and having to kill a process. With these library's, not only can you play WAV, MP3, etc. but have other controls over the sound, like volume, tone, speed. Can start and stop the sound at any point durring playback.

Play Music using PlaySound function in C++ - CodeSpeedy

    Program to Play Music in C++ using PlaySound function #include<iostream> #include<windows.h> //used for PlaySound function #include<fstream> //used for file handling using namespace std; int main() { char audiofile_char[50]; string audiofile_str; fstream fp; //Enter name of a 'wav' audio file with .wav extension and make sure it is present in the folder where …

play sound in C? - C++ Programming

    Windows > Run > "cmd" cd /d "C:\Documents and Settings\i'm vochin\My Documents\code blocks project's\teste\" gcc Untitled2.c -oplay_sound -lwinmm play_sound.exe If you got to compiler options, choose "Linker options" and then add …

Audio.Play Method (Microsoft.VisualBasic.Devices ...

    Play (Stream, AudioPlayMode) Plays a .wav sound file. C# public void Play (System.IO.Stream stream, Microsoft.VisualBasic.AudioPlayMode playMode); Parameters stream Stream Stream that represents the sound file. playMode AudioPlayMode AudioPlayMode mode for playing the sound. By default, AudioPlayMode.Background. Exceptions ArgumentNullException

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