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    C-Media Audio Chipset Driver

      Hi all, I need a driver for my sound card on windows vista beta 2 build 5384.4 The sound card is: C-Media CMI 9880 HD Audio regards, · I am in the same situation needing drivers for Vista for my C-Media CMI 9880 HD Audio on-board sound. The generic Windows Vista drivers applied automatically do not instal correctly. Have tried to install the latest Win ...

    C-Media | Device Drivers

      C-Media Electronics, Inc. (驊訊電子) is a Taiwanese computer hardware company that manufactures processors for PC audio and USB storage, and wireless audio devices. Products A C-Media sound card PCI 7.1 OEM (M-CMI8768-8CH) ISA audio CMI8328 CMI8330 PCI audio CMI8338 CMI8738-SX CMI8738-LX CMI8738-MX CMI8768 CMI8768+ (Dolby Digital Live …

    C-Media CMI8738 PCI Audio Device Driver | Device Drivers

      The C-Media CMI8738 chipset is featured on many PCI sound used on desktops PC’s, also was used in onboard sound for many motherboards.

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        C-Media Cmi8738 6ch Windows 10 Driver Download

          A highly-integrated single audio card from c media cmi8738 mx disfunctions. Cmi8738 mx may help you use win10 in a snap. Cmi8738 series chips have been the most widely adopted cost-effective pci audio chips in the -8738 supports the legacy audio sbpro, fm emulator, midi mpu-401 port. C-media cmi8738-lx pci audio chip, vista, the card.

        C-Media PCI Audio Applications Set (Windows NT) : C …


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