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Correct way to set MCI audio parameters in C# - Stack …

    Apparently you need to set the audio parameters with the set command, and the parameters need to be set in the correct order. The set command should look like this... string setCommand = "set recSound alignment 4 bitspersample " + BitDepth.ToString () + " samplespersec " + SampleRate.ToString () + " channels 1 bytespersec " + (BitDepth ...

Simple CD Rom question open/close via mciSendString()

    I'm using C# and it seems the code is working fine the first time through, if i issue an Open & Close, the CD/DVD tray does what is desired.... However it seem there is a side effect that the CDRom is completely removed from the system, i need to reboot to get the CD/DVD Rom back. I'm running ... · This forum is for Media Foundation Development. See ...

Using MCI Commands from C# - social.msdn.microsoft.com

    I have a windows form application for MP3 playback. The code is pretty simple ( mostly extracted from a post in CodeProject). First the function declaration [DllImport("winmm.dll")] private static extern long mciSendString( string strCommand, StringBuilder strReturn, int iReturnLength, IntPt · hi,ksolutions The MCI open command can set …

Open and Close CD drive in C# - CodeProject

    Download demo project - 5.75 KB; Download source - 1.08 KB; Introduction. I was looking for code in C# to open/close the CD drive so I could make a funny program that when run would open the CD drive every five minutes and play with it …

How to open/close a CD tray programatically using C# ...

    I was recently asked to present how to open/close a CD tray programatically using C#. The Media Control Interface (MCI) is the way to go. According to MSDN, the Media Control Interface (MCI) provides standard commands for playing multimedia devices and recording multimedia resource files.

A Cd-audio class to build a simple CD player | CodeGuru

    CD-audio player, using my CCdAudio class. This class encapsulates the MCI command-message interface for CD-audio. I hope it can be a good starting point to write analogous classes for other multimedia devices: waveform-audio devices, MIDI sequencers, etc. Building the player, however, involves many other interesting issues. In particular, I ...

VB Helper: Tutorial: Introduction to MCI

    To share it, use the 'shareable' parameter with each 'open' command. open cdaudio 1 play cdaudio Okay pause cdaudio Okay resume cdaudio MMSYSTEM274 The MCI device you are using does not support the specified command. play cdaudio Okay status cdaudio position 01:10:63 status cdaudio time format msf status cdaudio window visible MMSYSTEM290 The ...

mciSendString function (Windows) | Microsoft Docs

    In this article. Syntax. Parameters. Return value. Requirements. See also. The mciSendString function sends a command string to an MCI device. The device that the command is sent to is specified in the command string.

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