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C Major Sound Effects - Soundsnap

    Get C major Sounds from Soundsnap, the Leading Sound Library for Unlimited SFX Downloads.

Freesound - "C MAJOR SCALE.wav" by djfroyd

    C MAJOR SCALE.wav - mp3 version C MAJOR SCALE.wav - ogg version C MAJOR SCALE.wav - waveform C MAJOR SCALE.wav - spectrogram 7933.9. play / pause stop change display loop toggle measure. -00:07:933. djfroyd. November 2nd, 2018.

C Major.wav by danglada - Freesound

    C Major.wav - mp3 version C Major.wav - ogg version C Major.wav - waveform C Major.wav - spectrogram 19820.0. play / pause stop change display loop toggle measure. -00:19:820. danglada. April 2nd, 2006.

Chords and scale notes of C Major - FeelYourSound

    C Major: The big list of chords and scale notes. Scale notes: C, D, E, F, G, A, B. MIDI file: scale_c_major.mid (includes scale notes and chords) Other root notes: [C], [C#], [D], [D#], [E], [F], …

C Major Scale - C Major Scale.mid - MidisFree.com

    C Major Scale – C Major Scale.mid + 100k midi files for free download Various rhythms for music production, synthesia, yamaha, roland, korg, casio keyboards, among others. Can be used in FL Studio, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reaper, Cubase, Propellerhead Reason, Logic, Sonar, Audacity software. In use with midi controllers and vst plugins.

C Major Cheat Sheet: Scale, Chords, Midi Files

    The 20 Most Popular Chords In C Major. According to the TheoryTab database, songs in C Major draw almost entirely from the following 20 chords.Click on a chord below to show it on the piano and hear how it sounds.

C major scale - basicmusictheory.com

    The C major scale has no sharp or flat notes. This major scale key is on the Circle of 5ths - C major on circle of 5ths, which means that it is a commonly used major scale key. Middle C (midi note 60) is shown with an orange line under the 2nd note on the piano diagram. These note names are shown below on the treble clef followed by the bass clef.

Major Scales and Minor (harmonic and ... - Your …

    Scale Listen & Free Download; Major Scales and Minor (harmonic and melodic) Scales: On A Flat / G Sharp Download MP3 (right-click) On A Download MP3 (right-click) On B Flat Download MP3 (right-click) On B Download MP3 (right-click) On C Sharp / D Flat Download MP3 (right-click) On C Download MP3 (right-click) On D Download MP3 (right-click) On ...

Sound Files - BestStudentViolins.com

    Sound Files. Piano: Major Scales, Minor Scales, Modal, Chromatic Chords: Triads, 7th Chords Intervals, Consonance and Dissonance: Violin/Viola: Meter, Articulations, Timbre: Tonality (piano): Major Scale - See: Major Keys and Scales C Major Scale, treble clef tonmjC D Major Scale, treble clef tonmjD B flat Major Scale, bass clef tonmjBflat ...

C Piano Chord | C major Charts, Sounds and Intervals

    C (C major) Piano sound: Notes and structure: C E G (R 3 5) Related Chords: C\E; C\G; Chord Categories: basic major triad Major chord : Other Notations: CM Chord Construction: R = C C + major interval = E (scale degree = 3rd) E + minor interval = G (scale degree = 5th) C on other instruments: C piano C guitar C ukulele C mandolin C banjo

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