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"New volume" is not an audio playback volume - Avid Pro ...

    In Pro Tools, you might check if the volume is designated for playback and record; but not sure if this applies to Pro Tools | First. 1 Open a Workspace browser. 2 In the Locations pane, select Volumes. 3 In the Browser pane, click and …

"The drive cannot be designated as an Audio …

    Updated on Apr 27, 2007 at 12:00 AM. This can happen for different reasons. 1) Check hard drives in the workspace (in Pro Tools, go to the Windows menu and choose ‘Show Workspace’) and make sure the ( A ) column to the right of the drive is set to ( R ) and not ( T ) or ( P ). 2) Trash the Digidesign Databases folder on all hard drives.

Why does Pro Tools report that my drive is not a valid ...

    It should be set to Record, if it's set to Transfer or Playback, you won't be able to record to the drive. If Pro Tools does not allow you to change it to Record, trash the Digidesign Databases folder on all of your drives, inlcuding the system drive, then reboot. Open the session and try again to set the drive to record.

How to fix sound and playback issues on Windows 10 ...

    Microsoft has published a set of videos to help Windows 10 users solve any audio playback issues. In the first video below, Microsoft goes over the basics -- check your cables and volume, check ...

Fix sound problems in Windows 10 - support.microsoft.com

    Select Hardware and Sound from the Control Panel, and then select Sound. On the Playback tab, right-click (or press and hold) Default Device, and then select Properties. On the Advanced tab, under Default Format, change the setting, select OK,and then test your audio device. If that doesn't work, try changing the setting again.

Windows 10 No Sound Playback At All - Microsoft Community

    go to Cortana, put in audio, go to sound under settings then select playback at top left of the window then choose playback device

No sound on your computer? Here's how to fix it …

    Click Hardware & Sound. Click Sound. Click the Playback tab. Right click the desired audio device. Click Properties. Click the Enhancements tab. Click the checkbox to Disable all enhancements or Disable all sound effects. Click OK, then play audio to test your sound. If that doesn't work, select another audio device and repeat the process.

Get master sound volume in C in Linux - Stack Overflow

    Compile the below code with gcc audio_volume.c -o audio_volume -lasound or altenatively with gcc audio_volume.c -o audio_volume_oss -DOSSCONTROL. OSS version is written very crudely and does not give precise results. Setting volume to 100 sets 97% volume in my system. ALSA version works for me and PulseAudio in openSUSE.

ProTools: "hard drive not on audio playback volume"

    ProTools: "hard drive not on audio playback volume" primitive #1; 16 years ago . I have been mistakenly recording directly to my mac hard drive rather than my external glyph hard drive. When I tried to fix this by pointing my projects to the Glyph hard drive, I get a message that says the drive (or folder) is not on audio playback volume.

How to Troubleshoot Audio or Sound Playback Issues | Dell US

    Turn up the volume using the volume knob on the speaker or soundbar. See the User Manual of the speaker or soundbar on how to control the volume. Test the sound playback on the computer. Right-click the Volume or speaker icon in the notification area (bottom-right corner) and select Open sound settings. Under Output, click Manage sound devices.

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