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C# DirectX Audio/Video Playback …

    This is some of my code. Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback.Video video = new Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback.Video ("C:\TestVideo.mp4", true); video.Owner = ViewPane; video.Size = new Size (Video.DefaultSize.Width, Video.DefaultSize.Height); video.Audio.Volume = -2500; video.Play (); Thank you for any help given.

Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback | Microsoft Docs

    The AudioVideoPlayback application programming interface (API) provides for basic playback and simple control of audio and video files. The following tables list the members exposed by the Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback namespace. Classes Enumerations Structures SeekingCaps

Audio Video Playback | Microsoft Docs

    To set the size of the playback window, set the Size property, which takes a System.Drawing.Size object, as follows: [C#] ourVideo.Size = new Size(480, 320); You can get the native video size by examining the DefaultSize property. If the video file contains audio, the Video.Audio property returns an Audio object. You can use this object to set the volume or the …

DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback Question in C# - CodeProject

    My code is as follows: C#. Copy Code. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using Microsoft.DirectX; using Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback; namespace Media_Player { class Program { static void Main (string [] args) { Audio a = new Audio ( "Ozzy.mp3" ); a.Play (); Console.ReadKey (); } } }

C# Implementing Video …

    public void CreateContent(Form form) { Video movie = new Video("F:\\Videos\\fail.wmv"); movie.Owner = form; movie.Size = new Size(1920,1080); } This should play a video, but instead it keeps from launching the application. As soon as I comment this method, the application launches again.

Playing AVI Files using DirectX 9 with C# and .NET

    The first step is to construct a Video object with the name of the video file which we retrieve from an OpenFile dialog. We then assign the Video.Owner property to the panel inside our winform. Also we resize the video to fit the original dimensions of the panel. Finally we quickly play and pause the video, in order to see the first frame.

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