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Sound and DirectXSound Tutorial - CodeGuru

    The sample can be 8- or 16-bit, and also Stereo or Mono. It is calculated using this formula: BlockAlign = BitsPerSample * Channels / 8 So, if you have a sound that is 8 bits, and mono, the block align should be 1 byte; if your sound is 16 bits, and stereo, it should be 4 bytes.

DirectXTK Finish audio tutorials C++

    DirectXTK Finish audio tutorials C++ The section of on using positional audio is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. ... The DirectX Tool Kit for Audio is just a collection of management classes to simplify using XAudio2 based on the design of the XNA Game Studio framework. 1 Answered Jun 20 '18 at 17:30 .

Tutorial 14: Direct Sound - RasterTek

    First initialize the DirectSound API as well as the primary buffer. Once that is initialized then the LoadWaveFile function can be called which will load in the .wav audio file and initialize the secondary buffer with the audio information from the .wav file. After loading is complete then PlayWaveFile is called which then plays the .wav file once.

DirectX Tutorial

    DirectX 9 Initial Point: For a vector AB, A is referred as an initial point. Terminal Point: For a vector AB, B is referred as an terminal point. Magnitude: The total length between initial point and terminal point of a vector i.e., from A to B is referred as the magnitude or length of the vector AB. Now let us focus on various types of vectors which will be beneficial for our tutorial point

Create your first Windows app using DirectX - Win32 apps ...

    Creating a DirectX game for Windows is a challenge for a new developer. Here we quickly review the concepts involved and the steps you must take to begin developing a game using DirectX and C++. Roadmap for Desktop DirectX apps. Here are key resources to help you get started with using DirectX and C++ to develop graphics-intensive Desktop apps ...

DirectX Tutorial

    DirectX Tutorial. Microsoft DirectX is considered as a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) for managing tasks related to multimedia, especially with respect to game programming and video which are designed on Microsoft platforms. Direct3D which is a renowned product of DirectX is also used by other software applications for ...

Playing Audio with DirectX 9 C++ - Stack Overflow

    Playing Audio with DirectX 9 C++. Ask Question Asked 6 years ago. Active 4 years ago. Viewed 4k times ... See the tutorials to get started. – Chuck Walbourn. Jan 5 '16 at 6:22. ... Browse other questions tagged c++ directx-9 or ask your own question.

Learning DirectX 12 – Lesson 1 – Initialize DirectX 12 ...

    Learning DirectX 12 – Lesson 1 – Initialize DirectX 12. This is the first lesson in a series of lessons to teach you how to create a DirectX 12 application from scratch. In this lesson, you will learn how to query for DirectX 12 capable display adapters that are available, create a DirectX 12 device, create a swap-chain, and you will also ...


    You'll need these before beginning this tutorial: 1. Visual Studio 2010 or later 2. The DirectX SDK June 2010 3. A basic knowledge of C++ 4. A burning desire to make games

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