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c# - Capture Sound from microphone using Directx ...

    Here is the code I am using: using Microsoft.DirectX; using Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound; private Thread CaptureSoundThread = null; public CaptureBuffer applicationBuffer = null; private SecondaryBuffer soundBuffer = null; private Device soundDevice = null; private void Form1_Load (object sender, EventArgs e) { soundDevice = new Device (); …

Audio recording in C# ... how? - C# / C Sharp

    to play audio files and some XML stuff. It's the first time I have to create a C# audio program, so ... ;) Thanks to anyone who can tell me how to do this You need to use DirectX, specifically DirectShow I believe. It's quite complicated to get DirectShow up and running in C# but once you do it would be fairly easy to achieve what you want.

Audio Capture - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs

    An application can use DirectShow to capture audio data from microphones, tape players, and other devices, through the inputs on the sound card. Typical scenarios include: Recording a voiceover narration for later dubbing over a video stream. Converting legacy analog audio content to digital format.

audio recording with c# - social.msdn.microsoft.com

    Here is an article that explains using the Waveform audio interface from C#/VB.NET using P/Invoke: There are two ways to accomplish this. If you need to do any encoding on your audio stream then the best way to go is to use DirectShow. DirectShow is a component of DirectX and there are managed libraries here and here .

Audio Video Playback | Microsoft Docs

    Playing an Audio File. The Audio object is similar to the Video object, but it supports properties that relate to audio, such as Volume and Balance. To play an audio file, specify the file name in the Audio constructor, as in the following C# code example, or call the Open method with the file name. [C#] Audio ourAudio = new Audio("C:\MyAudioFile.wav");

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