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Power Transformers for Audio Equipment - audioXpress

    Although C-core audio transformers for tube amplifiers have had fairly wide acceptance (at least in Europe and Japan), C-core power …

C-Core Transformers vs. EI Transformers for Audio and ...

    C-Core has less stray flux/magnetic field. Great solution for audio/amplifier applications. Minimize impact of transformer to surrounding components. EI will require one or more of the following to minimize stray flux: …

High quality audio transformers - AEE

    Top quality audio transformers The AEE audio transformers are of top quality and available in various versions. Output transformers and choke coils are available …

Double c core transformer (ED type)_James transformer ...

    24 rows

Double C Core Transformers | Mumbai | Audio Note India

    The Audio Note™ Double C-Core Output transformers Why Does Audio Note™ Choose Double C-Cores Rather Than I-E Core? This is an area of very little understanding in the modern audio industry and as a result much controversy, so Andy Grove and I would like to give at least some background as to why Audio Note’s best transformers use C-cores ...

C-core transformers | diyAudio

    the "C" cores are just like torroids except that the doughnut is cut in two, therefore, the coils can be pre-wound on a former before the transformer is assembled, if you have them and know what voltages they have, you can reverse engineer them. if you can find out the turns per volt of a coil, then certeinly you can use them for audio.

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