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C-Bus Multi-Room Audio System, 21759 - Clipsal

    4 C-Bus Multi-Room Audio System Installer Features The C-Bus Multi-Room Audio (MRA) system is a scalable system that can play music into a simple single location, such as a balcony, or can be installed to distribute different music sources to different rooms in a large installation. Regardless of the installation type, the MRA system uses ...

C-Bus Control and Management System - Clipsal

    C-Bus DIN Rail Mounted Motorised Blind/Curtain/Shutter Relay. C-Bus DIN Rail Mounted Sweep Fan Control Relay. C-Bus DIN Rail Mounted 250V AC 20A Relays. C-Bus Two Channel 250V AC 10A Relay. C-Bus 8 Channel ELV Relay. C-Bus Wiser Home Controller. C …

Clipsal Multi-Room Audio System cBus | Standalone

    Clipsal Multi-Room Standalone or C-Bus Home Audio System . Multi-Room Audio (MRA) is a must have addition to the Smart Home of today. Also quite often termed a distributed audio system, it allows you to listen to your favorite music in any part of the home, or even to have different programmes playing in different areas for your different family members.

Clipsal C-Bus Multi-Room Audio Buy|with|Nous

    The Clipsal C-Bus Multi-Room Audio System provides high quality, distributed, multi-zone audio in your home or commercial environment. A flexible system allowing many different audio sources to be selected in each different room or zone of your house or office, the system is controlled by the same C-Bus Wall Switches, Touch Screens, iPad Android | Tablet or IR Remote Controls or …

C-Bus Control Systems - GBE Group - Commercial and Residential

    C-Bus is a microprocessor-based control and management system for Buildings and Homes. It allows fast and reliable operation of lighting and other electrical services such as pumps, Audio Visual Devices, Motors, etc. The primary reasons to use C-Bus are: Highly robust and reliable control system, but low cost per node.

C-Bus (protocol) - Wikipedia

    C-Bus System. The C-Bus System can be used to control lighting and other electrical systems and products automatically or via remote control and can also be interfaced to a home security system, AV products or other electrical items. The C-Bus system is available in a wired version and a wireless version, with a gateway available to allow messages to be sent between wired …

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