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winforms - c# using …

    public partial class Form1 : Form { Video video; Int SeqNo = 0; public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); Initializevid1(); } public void Initializevid1() { // store the original size of the panel int width = viewport.Width; int height = viewport.Height; // load the selected video file video = new Video(listbox1.Items[SeqNo].Text); // set the panel as the video object’s owner …

Video.Size | Microsoft Docs

    Video.Size Property (Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback) Article 11/06/2009; 2 minutes to read; In this article. Retrieves and sets the size of the video for playback. Definition. Visual Basic: Public Property Size As System.Drawing.Size: C#:

C# Implementing Video …

    public void CreateContent(Form form) { Video movie = new Video("F:\\Videos\\fail.wmv"); movie.Owner = form; movie.Size = new Size(1920,1080); } This should play a video, but instead it keeps from launching the application. As soon as I comment this method, the application launches again.

Determine a video size and duration – Samir Bellouti

    After installing DirectX on your development box, add a reference to Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback assembly. Then, create an instance of a Video class and pass the name of the movie file you want to load (I tested it using a WMV file). Example: Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback.Video video = new …

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