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Audio Video Playback | Microsoft Docs

    To play an audio file, specify the file name in the Audio constructor, as in the following C# code example, or call the Open method with the file name. [C#] Audio ourAudio = new Audio ("C:\MyAudioFile.wav");

Playing Audio and Video Files In C# - C# Corner

    To develop a Windows application for playing audio and video files using c#.net. Design. Design a form as above with an OpenFileDialog contol, one Button and the 'Windows Media Player' contol (COM component). Note that OpenFileDialog control appears below the form (not on the form), which is used in our application for browsing audio/video files.

DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback Question in C# - CodeProject

    My code is as follows: C#. Copy Code. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using Microsoft.DirectX; using Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback; namespace Media_Player { class Program { static void Main (string [] args) { Audio a = new Audio ( "Ozzy.mp3" ); a.Play (); Console.ReadKey (); } } }

c# - Playing a MP3 file in a WinForm application - Stack ...

    The MP3 file is located in the file system of the computer where the application is executed. I have Googled for a while and I have found information about the System.Media.SoundPlayer class. But I have read that the SoundPlayer class can only be used to play files in .wav format.

C# winform, App Crashing after using the Video/Audio ...

    I'm working with some Audio files in my app (mp3, wav, ..etc) I was using the Audio Class from the Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback dll so first I had to download the dll, after doing so, I went to Add Reference then I browsed to the dll location, and added it I also installed the DirectX 9.0 Web Setup. Now, i don't get any problem with just saying: Audio aud; but if I do …

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