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Audio Video Playback | Microsoft Docs

    To set the size of the playback window, set the Size property, which takes a System.Drawing.Size object, as follows: [C#] ourVideo.Size = new Size (480, 320); You can get the native video size by examining the DefaultSize property. If the video file contains audio, the Video. Audio property returns an Audio object.

C# Implementing Video …

    So I turned to the Video class of DirectX. I've got the following code: public void CreateContent(Form form) { Video movie = new Video("F:\\Videos\\fail.wmv"); movie.Owner = form; movie.Size = new Size(1920,1080); } This should play a video, but instead it keeps from launching the application. As soon as I comment this method, the application ...

winforms - c# using …

    When playing video sequences in AudioVideoPlayback: Create a list of videos to be displayed (using file paths), preferably in a listbox. Use an integer to get file path from the listbox.items index. Ensure video is disposed before loading next video. Increment integer every time a video is played.

Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback | Microsoft Docs

    The AudioVideoPlayback application programming interface (API) provides for basic playback and simple control of audio and video files. The following tables list the members exposed by the Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback namespace. Classes Enumerations Structures SeekingCaps

C# Implementing Video (Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback)

    I'm creating an application in C# (Visual Studio). This application creates a form and then calls an external class library (.dll). This is the code of the application, how it …

DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback Question in C# - CodeProject

    c# Copy Code using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using Microsoft.DirectX; using Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback; namespace Media_Player { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { Audio a = new Audio( " Ozzy.mp3" ); a.Play(); Console.ReadKey(); } } }

Playing Audio and Video Files In C# - C# Corner

    To develop a Windows application for playing audio and video files using c#.net. Design. Design a form as above with an OpenFileDialog contol, one Button and the 'Windows Media Player' contol (COM component). Note that OpenFileDialog control appears below the form (not on the form), which is used in our application for browsing audio/video files.

Multimedia Playback SDK Libraries for Windows, .NET ...

    With LEADTOOLS, developers can add audio and video playback into their .NET (C# & VB) and C/C++ applications. LEADTOOLS offers a full range of flexible multimedia playback functionality, including control of playback speeds, set preferred decoders, and apply processing filters; all of which can be done for any multimedia source, including files, capture devices, TV tuners, discs, …

Playing AVI Files using DirectX 9 with C# and .NET

    The Video Player takes advantage of the DirectX AudioVideoPlayback library. This library mindlessly allows you to play videos inside a Video object. The methods of the Video class are very straight forward (e.g. Play, Stop, Pause) and you simply construct the video object with the name of the file (e.g. "roo.avi").

Video | Microsoft Docs

    Stops playback when the Video object is ready. Initializes a new instance of the object. Retrieves the Audio object the video is using for audio playback. Retrieves the average time per frame during playback. Retrieves and sets the caption of the Form playing the video. Retrieves and sets the current position of playback.

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