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C Programming Tutorial for Beginners - YouTube

    This course will give you a full introduction into all of the core concepts in the C programming language.Want more from Mike? He's starting a coding RPG/Boo...

Learning to work with audio in C++ - Stack Overflow

    C++ can be a great language to do audio processing in, I use the Marsyas framework, a cross-platform package that lets you do complicated tasks in audio signal processing, music information retrieval and machine learning really easily. It's also really fast, and you can do lots of complicated tasks in real time, unlike many other packages.

Making a Basic FMOD Audio Engine in C++ | Chips and Bits

    Let's start by creating an AudioEngine.cpp file and we'll jump right in. The first thing we need to do is tell the file that we are using the AudioEngine.h header file. To do with we write: #include"AudioEngine.h" Implementation Source This is where we will initialize the underlying FMOD system that will allow us to play sounds.

C# Audio Tutorial 11 - Plotting Audio Waveforms Part 2 ...

    In this tutorial we extend the functionality of the NAudio WaveViewer class to add mouse functionality, coloring, fitting the plot to the window and more! P...

[Tutorial] Audio Programming in C : C_Programming - reddit

    [Tutorial] Audio Programming in C. Article. First, I apologize if this is against the rules because it is kind of about a specific library (i also use libsndfile :P) but I have found almost no tutorials about using libsoundio or some of the other libraries and since I recently cracked how to use it, ...

Learn Modern C++ by Building an Audio Plugin

    This is a cross-platform C++ application framework, used for the development of desktop and mobile applications. Here are the sections covered in this course: Setting up the Project. Creating Audio Parameters. Setting up the DSP. Setting up Audio Plugin Host. Connecting the Peak Params. Connecting the LowCut Params. Refactoring the DSP.

Audio Tutorial - University of Washington

    Audio Tutorial This tutorial explains how to use the audio inputs and outputs on the DE1_SoC. This includes discussion of the code package we provide for controlling these ports. These code files have been adapted from example code developed by Altera. The Audio Hardware

C++ Audio Library Options (2018) - Superpowered

    PortAudio is an open-source cross-platform audio library for managing audio input/output. 13. RtAudio. RtAudio is a set of C++ classes that provide a common API for realtime audio input/output. 14. SoLoud. SoLoud is a C/C++ audio engine for games with audio players, sample playback and filters.

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