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C# Audio Tutorial 10 - Plotting Audio Waveforms - YouTube

    In this tutorial we explore two options for plotting audio wave forms using C#. The first method is to use classes built into the NAudio class library. The...

C# Audio Tutorial 11 - Plotting Audio Waveforms Part 2 ...

    In this tutorial we extend the functionality of the NAudio WaveViewer class to add mouse functionality, coloring, fitting the plot to the window and more! P...

C# Audio Tutorial 1 - Wave File with NAudio - YouTube

    In this short tutorial I'll open and play a wave file using the NAudio class library in Visual Studio C#. I explain (briefly) how audio sampling works, and ...

C# Audio Tutorial 9 - EffectStream Part 3 (Echo!) - YouTube

    In this tutorial I build upon Tutorial 8 to add an Echo effect that can be used by our effect stream.Sample code and a demo wave file are available on my web...

C# Creating an Audio Synthesizer - Part 1 - YouTube

    Learn how to synthesize, modify and visualize digital audio using purely C# with no external libaries!In this part of the series, we develop a very basic syn...

C# Audio Tutorial 5 - EffectStream Part 1 - YouTube

    In this tutorial I create a basic EffectStream that exposes the uncompressed PCM data from the source WaveStream (in this case a WaveFileReader). In future ...

C# Audio Tutorial 8 - EffectStream Part 2 - YouTube

    In this tutorial I build upon Tutorial 5 to extract the floating point information from our audio file. We use WaveChannel32 to perform the floating point c...

Audio Spectrum Software [C#] : 3 Steps - Instructables

    first, start a windows forms application project. what we are going to do in this project is capturing the audio output of the pc and convert it to a wave from using FFT, then take points on that wave form and convert it into an array of data changing from 0 - 255 for a certain amount of bars, all of that is done by the Analyzer class which uses the Bass.dll library.

How to play a sound in C#, .NET - Stack Overflow

    To play an Audio file in the Windows form using C# let's check simple example as follows : 1.Go Visual Studio (VS-2008/2010/2012) --> File Menu --> click New Project. 2.In the New Project --> click Windows Forms Application --> Give Name and then click OK. A new "Windows Forms" project will opens. 3.Drag-and-Drop a Button control from the ...

C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners | Microsoft Docs

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