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.net - Play audio from a stream using C# - Stack Overflow

    private Stream ms = new MemoryStream(); public void PlayMp3FromUrl(string url) { new Thread(delegate(object o) { var response = WebRequest.Create(url).GetResponse(); using (var stream = response.GetResponseStream()) { byte[] buffer = new byte[65536]; // 64KB chunks int read; while ((read = stream.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length)) > 0) { var pos = ms.Position; …

How to stream audio in C# - CodeProject

    Hi all, I have a Microsoft USB webcam and I want to record the video/audio stream. I found a very useful C# web camera software but I don’t get any audio from the camera’s microphone. Here is the code I am trying to employ:

C# Audio Tutorial 9 - EffectStream Part 3 (Echo!) - YouTube

    In this tutorial I build upon Tutorial 8 to add an Echo effect that can be used by our effect stream.Sample code and a demo wave file are available on my web...

C# Audio Tutorial 4 - Custom WaveStream Object - …

    In this tutorial we create a custom WaveStream object that creates a sine wave for NAudio to playback. This is pretty cool, because we're creating the data ...

C# Audio Tutorial 8 - EffectStream Part 2 - YouTube

    In this tutorial I build upon Tutorial 5 to extract the floating point information from our audio file. We use WaveChannel32 to perform the floating point c...

C# Audio Tutorial 5 - EffectStream Part 1 - YouTube

    In this tutorial I create a basic EffectStream that exposes the uncompressed PCM data from the source WaveStream (in this case a WaveFileReader). In future ...

Generate and consume async streams | Microsoft Docs

    In this article. Prerequisites. Run the starter application. Examine the implementation. Async streams provide a better way. Convert to async streams. Run the finished application. C# 8.0 introduces async streams, which model a streaming source of data. Data streams often retrieve or generate elements asynchronously.

C# Audio Tutorial 2 - MP3/WAV File with NAudio - YouTube

    In this short tutorial I'll open and play an MP3 file using the NAudio class library in Visual Studio C#. This project builds upon tutorial 1 and extends th...

C# Stream - TutorialsTeacher

    C# - Stream. C# includes following standard IO (Input/Output) classes to read/write from different sources like files, memory, network, isolated storage, etc. Stream: System.IO.Stream is an abstract class that provides standard methods to transfer bytes (read, write, etc.) to the source. It is like a wrapper class to transfer bytes.

How to record the audio from the sound card (system audio ...

    NAudio offers a really useful wrapper around this API that allows you to record the audio from your soundcard easily with C#. In this article, we'll show you how to record the audio that's coming from your sound card using NAudio with …

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