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GitHub - cycfi/q: C++ Library for Audio Digital Signal ...

    Q is a cross-platform C++ library for Audio Digital Signal Processing. Aptlynamed after the "Q factor", a dimensionless parameter that describes thequality of a resonant circuit, the Q DSP Library is designed to be simple andelegant, as the simplicity of its name suggests, and efficient enough to runon small microcontrollers. Q leverages t…

Any OpenCV-like C/C++ library for Audio processing ...

    Check out Essentia http://essentia.upf.edu/ Essentia is an open-source C++ library for audio analysis and audio-based music information ...It contains an extensive collection of reusable algorithms which implement audio input/output functionality, standard digital signal processing blocks, statistical characterization of data, and a large set of spectral, temporal, …

C++ Audio Library Options (2018) - Superpowered

    Superpowered is the leading real-time, cross-platform C++ Audio Library for Desktop, Mobile, IoT and Embedded Devices on Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Linux and Windows. 2. Aquila. Aquila is an open-source software and cross-platform DSP (Digital Signal Processing) library written in C++, focusing on frequency domain analysis. 3. Aubio.

What are some good C / C++ libraries for DSP / audio ...

    Answer (1 of 2): * JUCE * The Synthesis ToolKit in C++ (STK) * RtAudio * PortAudio * Essentia * Maximilian * CAudio * Sound addons for openFrameworks * C++ Library for Audio and Music (CLAM) * Phonon module for Qt

audio-processing · GitHub Topics · GitHub

    C++ Library for Audio Digital Signal Processing. audio music c-plus-plus frequency dsp modern-cpp cpp14 effects cpp11 synth loop midi-events cpp17 envelope cpp-library guitar-processor simplicity facilities pitch-tracking audio-processing pitch-detection function-composition dsp-library cpp14-library.

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